Russell Brand and me

I have something in common with Russell Brand. No, I have never been called 'Byronic' (not to my face anyway), my comedy series only happened in my mind, and I have never been the victim of a media bandwagon (except for that time when my doppelganger was a wanted IRA terrorist - true!). No, Russell Brand used to teach English.

According to EL Gazette:
"He had been an EFL teacher on London's Oxford Street for a year. Describing the quality of his teaching as less than good, he admitted that he was the 'cool, popular teacher' who, following a time-honoured Oxford Street private EFL sector practice, would occasionally take his students for lessons in a nearby park on sunny days. When Brand started passing a joint among his students, however, he was betrayed by 'some evil student who actually wanted to learn English!' Brand recalled desperately preparing his class by getting them to collectively agree an alibi for him. That stratagem failed however, because in Brand's own words, 'I was such a shit teacher that none of them understood me.'"


  1. Anonymous12/2/09

    The IRA doppelganger sounds like a good story to me, Ric. Go on, then!
    And the Comedy series, too - I can't wait!
    - geoff

  2. matt8/4/09

    At least he spoke proper.
    Like what I does when I was a children.