Talk through solid glass and other superpowers - why you should learn Sign Language

1. Talk through closed windows (continue your farewell conversation as the bus or train leaves)
2. Talk underwater (divers use a basic system of signs, but sign language users can have near-normal conversations)
3. Talk with your mouth full
4. Converse in libraries or at the theatre (shhh!)
5. Talk across a noisy nightclub
6.Talk to your baby before it can speak (babies can control their arms months before it develops voice)
7. Talk about people in front of their back.

Sign Language is such a useful addition to anybody's communication repertoire.


  1. Fascinating - would love to learn, but how?

  2. also very handy when driving a noisy boat. x

  3. I agree with all that. It would make a change to use actions for words instead. It's something different and interesting aswell as useful at times.